In a time when environmental awareness is increasing, Kao Chemicals Europe is proactive and recognizes society's increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Kao is now launching a non-ionic surfactant based on natural ethoxylated glycerine esters. EMANON EV-E BIO will become the multifunctional surfactant of choice for incorporating 100% bio-based ingredients to cosmetics aligned with environmentally committed consumers’ needs.

EMANON EV-E BIO is an excellent water-soluble emulsifier, liquid, colorless and odorless. When added to cosmetic formulas, it boosts foam properties, even in oily conditions; it acts as an emulsifying agent; as a solubilizing agent; it enhances redeposition of oils, polymers, silicones or perfumes on the skin and hair surface; due to its excellent hydrotropy, it also improves formulability increasing the solubility of other ingredients.

In comparison to previous standard version EMANON EV-E BIO has a reduced carbon footprint (33% lower) and 100% of naturality.

Who we are

We are one of the largest chemical companies in Europe. One of our purposes lead chemical distribution industry trends in the World. A company with a technical and innovative orientation focused on satisfying the needs of customers and society, always following established ethical values.

Our mission is to contribute to the satisfaction and enrichment of people's lives and towards sustainable development.

In order to achieve these goals, we are a solutions provider that adds value to the manufacture of hygiene, health and beauty products. At the same time, different industries benefit in the development of their own products from our surfactants, aroma chemicals, aroma compounds, various families of technical applications products, polyester resins, high-quality toner for professional applications and inks for digital and analog printing.

Our activity is also based on a commitment to the environment. We continually invest in improvements which mitigate the environmental impact of our products and processes. To guarantee this commitment, our products and processes have quality certifications and are audited periodically.

Ultimately, our vision is to be an indispensable company moving toward the sustainable growth of society and industry, in accordance with the values of our clients.

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