Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich, the digital-first fragrance house, has created the world's first edible and biodegradable fragrances, inspired by traditional landmarks of the island of Tenerife, including a scientifically proven technology that manages to elicit emotions in the consumer. The fragrances, formulated through innovative scientific research in collaboration with Diego Schattenhofer - chef of Taste 1973 Restaurant Tenerife and Michelin star - have been part of a presentation made by the chef on the stage of Madrid Fusion 24 and organized by the Cabildo de Tenerife.

The two perfumes are 100% natural, biodegradable, formulated with ingredients approved for use in food products and have contributed to generate a revolutionary gastronomic experience. For their creation, the innovative Emotions technology has been used, which allows the design of fragrances that trigger specific feelings linked to certain emotions: energy, happiness, and relaxation, through a study carried out with fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and a patented process of verbalization of emotions.

Fragrances that elicit emotions

Emotions technology is the result of 25 years of research by dsm-firmenich together with scientific partners and universities evaluating the response of the human brain to different smells and establishing a link between these and the feelings generated. This process has been scientifically validated through tests that have demonstrated the effectiveness of fragrances created with Emotions in generating emotions and improving mood.

El Pinar and Medianías de las Islas are the two edible perfumes proposed by the perfumers of Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich. They feature Emotions fragrance technology, which has been proven to elicit feelings that transport you to a culinary experience that goes beyond anything you have ever experienced before. These edible perfumes have been inspired and created following the partnership in the project of chef Diego Schattenhofer(Taste 1973 Restaurant - Tenerife) and Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich.

Imagine being in a forest. The suggestive fresh aroma of the resinous notes of the pine trees of El Pinar de Tenerife, guide you connecting your senses with the environment, generating emotions such as relief, serenity, happiness and joy. The same happens with the Medianías de las Islas, an essence that embraces the aromatic variety of Tenerife's fauna and flora, as well as the crops of potatoes, chestnut trees, fruit trees and cereals. Its notes bring you closer, little by little, to the cultivation in the humid dry land, to the humid caves, to the tagasaste or escobón and the smell of goat.

For Alfonso Álvarez-Prieto, General Manager, and founder of Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich, "it is a pleasure to collaborate with a cuisine reference like Diego Schattenhofer and to work with the inspiration offered by a place as evocative as Tenerife".

According to Marie Hugentobler, creative director and perfumer of Scentmate® by     dsm-firmenich, in reference to the joint project with Diego Schattenhofer: "We have extracted the highest quality ingredients that nature has to offer, to offer bespoke fragrances that evoke deep emotions and capture the essence of each dish".

A gastronomic revolution integrating fragrances

For chef Schattenhofer, the story of this gastronomic milestone began a few years ago and stems from his dream of being able to "eat with the sense of smell". Thus, together with a multidisciplinary team, he recreated the Guanche aromas through bacteria from the aboriginal caves of the islands.

This "game with aromas" was reinforced by a chance meeting with Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich, which led to the launch of a solid partnership that has succeeded in "putting Tenerife in the nose and eating its scents, while achieving an emotional fourth wall thanks to Emotions technology, presented by Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich".

After the two fragrances presented at Madrid Fusión, work is already underway on new edible perfumes with other emblematic places of the island of Tenerife, such as its beaches, the "tinerfeños puddles" and mojos. This is the beginning of a gastronomic revolution that will allow the integration of fragrances as another working element to turn the culinary experience into a sensory whole.

About Diego Schattenhofer

Argentinean, living in the Canary Islands for 20 years. He trained in Buenos Aires, with the greats: Joan Coll, Pablo Massey and Francis Mallman's group. In Spain he has worked with legends such as Martín Berasategui, Francis Paniego, Juan Pablo de Felipe and Paco Pérez.

From 2005 to the present, he has participated as a congressman in Madrid Fusion, San Sebastian Gastronomika and other congresses. In Madrid Fusion 2011 he won with the multidisciplinary team Astrochefs, Award for Best Technological Innovation for his 'Flying Tapas', also achieving a distinction in the Flemish Primitives of Belgium. He has also amazed in forums with Heston Blumenthal (United Kingdom), Dominique Persoone (Belgium)...

Creator in Tenerife of the interdisciplinary team Gastrosinapsis (with researchers from various Spanish and European universities), his work is aimed at the search for scientific solutions applied to gastronomy and the application of the food history of the aboriginal Guanches.

He is executive chef of Europa Hotels and chef of Taste 1973 and OA Beach Club, both at Hotel Villa Cortés. In 2022, the restaurant won the Best Restaurant Consume Canario Award. In 2023, it was awarded the first Sol Repsol and was recommended in the Michelin Guide. In 2023 it was awarded its first Michelin Star.

About Scentmate by dsm-firmenich

 Based in Barcelona, the digital hub of Europe, Scentmate by dsm-firmenich is the first digital fragrance house where dsm-firmenich perfumery know-how, consumer insights and market data come toghether in a simple way and accesible thanks to AI tecnhology. Tailored for entrepreneurs and small and medium-suized businesses, Scentmate allows them to transform their ideas into iconic fragrances for their brands. The digitalization of your services and the power of AI allow you to streamline the creation process, from the collection of information to the fast and free delivery of samples that will meet your expectations and empower you to make the right decision for your business. For more information:



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