Deutsche Gesellschaft der Parfümeure im SEPAWA® e.V. lädt zur Frühjahrstagung „Volatile Times“ ein

Unsere Frühjahrstagung mit dem Titel „Volatile Times“ findet in diesem Jahr vom 25. – 26. April im historischen Ambiente der tschechischen Hauptstadt statt. Freuen Sie sich auf interessante Vorträge zum Thema Rohstoffe, Regulatory und...

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Speaker: Ehsan Saebnoori

Company: Ferr-Tech

Title: A Ferrate (VI) Based Detergent for Industrial Cleaning

Language: English


Industrial washing is developing day by day and is employed in various industries. Among them, are the washing of plastic waste in the plastic recycling industry and various other cleaning processes. Cleaning products are an important factor related to the quality of the cleaning process, but other washing conditions such as washing temperature, the smell of the working environment, foam formation, water treatability or water recycling, the smell of the cleaned objects or plastic flakes and the level of cleanliness of surfaces are all considered in choosing the right detergent. Usually, alkaline chemicals or a mixture of liquid cleaning additives and caustic are used for this purpose and the washing temperature is up to around 80 degrees Celsius.

An innovative alkaline chemical with the active agent of Ferrate (VI) ions (FerSol) has been developed for this purpose.

The results of using FerSol in several plastic recycling plants and other cleaning processes led to the usage of much less detergent (up to one-tenth), a decrease in energy consumption, and higher hygiene for the surfaces and washing water. It also provides a significant reduction in smell, no foam formation, improves the quality of the water and enables the possibility of water reuse. All of these are accompanied by a reduction in washing costs and an increase in sustainability, which is drawing the attention of the market.


Dr. Baghaei, you introduced a new term in cosmetology: Skinvestimalism. What do you mean with this term? What is #Skinvestimalism?
Skinvestimalism combines #Skinvestment and #Skinmalism, involving smart and mindful skincare...

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Product Launches

Evonik has launched Vecollage™ Fortify L, a new vegan collagen for the beauty and personal care market that is identical to collagen in the skin. Vecollage™ Fortify L leverages Evonik’s competencies in biotechnology, collagen, and skin care to meet the demand for...

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