Inditex and BASF Develop the First Detergent Designed to Reduce Microfiber Release from Textiles during Washing

Today Inditex brand Zara Home will launch the first laundry detergent designed to reduce microfiber release during washing, which will be available both in the brand’s stores and online.

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Cosmetics brands can now help more consumers to get the most out of introducing the benefits of Retinol into their skincare routines. Available worldwide, Clariant’s encapsulated Retinol VitiSpheres R8 makes it possible to protect the Retinol’s proven anti-aging potency and use higher concentrations safely in creams and serums.

Antioxidants protect and support the skin by neutralising free radicals to delay skin ageing. Due to its unique chemical composition, astaxanthin stands out from the group of antioxidants and is truly a diamond.


Your motto is: “Sustainability is at the heart of our business”. How do you “live” this motto? At Croda, sustainability has a long tradition. When our business was founded in 1925, we understood the central role science...

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Product Launches

Symrise is now offering the green version of its SymDiol® 68, originally developed in 2003: It consists of 100% green raw materials. The modern mixture moisturizes the skin, stabilizes emulsions and improves product protection.

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