Givaudan Offers Patronage to ‘Léonard de Vinci et les parfums à la Renaissance’ Exhibition

Givaudan, the global leader in Fragrance and Beauty, is thrilled to partner with Le Château du Clos Lucé for the exhibition entitled “Leonard de Vinci et les parfums à la Renaissance”.

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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Lademann, Charité, Senior Professor Charité


Title: The hair follicle as a major penetration route for topically applied active ingredients

Abstract: Recently, it could be demonstrated that hair follicle delivery clearly depends on the activity status, size and density of the hair follicles. Especially nanoparticles have been shown to be effective drug carriers deep into the hair follicles.


Could you provide more details on In-cosmetics' recent introduction of a new olive oil-based diesterquat?
THOR has developed Microcare® Quat LDG to address market demands for high-performance and...

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Product Launches

The Company’s premium portfolio will be on display at a sustainably built booth designed to captivate all five senses ─ smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch.   

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11.07.2024 10:00 CET - 16:00 CET

11.07.2024 10:00 CET - 16:00 CET


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