Focus on Cell Respiration – Have You Heard of Hypoxiageing™?

The oxygen we breathe with our lungs is used by all our body’s cells including skin cells. This cell respiration process is essential to their survival.

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Speaker: Nikolai Kupfermann, Head of Research and Development

Company: Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care

Title: Allergens Testing in Cosmetics - A Never-Ending Story

Abstract: Over recent years, the classification of substances suspected of causing allergies has been the subject of discussions. For this reason, the EU is constantly working to expand the Cosmetics Regulation to include these substances, which will have to be labeled on packaging in the future. A draft concerning a legal amendment was recently passed.

It is based on the SCCS recommendation, that established allergens in humans, in animals and substances which are likely allergens represent those fragrance ingredients that the consumer should be made aware of when present in cosmetic products.

The Eurofins network Cosmetics & Personal Care is committed to offering a complete scope of allergen analysis. Accordingly, we designed our testing offer in the form of a modular system that allows our customers to have safety-specific tests performed depending on the type of product and individual analytical requirements.



You have launched recycled carbon surfactants recently. Can you explain the origin of the bio surfactants you offer?

When creating EcoSense™ 2470 Surfactant in collaboration with our partner, LanzaTech, our goal was to...

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Product Launches

Der Effektpigmenthersteller ECKART präsentiert die neue Rohstoffserie LignoBase, ein multifunktionaler kosmetischer Inhaltsstoff basierend auf Lignin.

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