sofw journal 6-2024

Personal Care
X. Petsitis, L. Heider

Color Me Beautiful

I. Waller, A. Tahon

Unleashing Cosmetic Creativity With Multifunctionality

L. Denois

How to Answer the Hair Cycling Trend?

J. Shieh, P. Schwab, S. Liebig

From Roots to Ends: Embracing Glycolipids and Esterquats for Eco-Conscious Hair Care

L. Kulcsar, D. Streuli, P. Vichare, T. Clemons, R. McMullen, T. Gillece, C. Alonso

Nature Derived Styling Polymers with Heat Protection Benefits

M. Marcant, C. Lepilleur, E. Peri, N. Audibert, C. Kyer, D. Wade Rafferty, J. Becker, B. Moran

Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa) Gum, a Multifunctional Polymer for Hair Care

B. Koroskenyi, J. Salmen, M. T. Fontan Yanes

Multifunctionals Empowered: Part 2

U. Eigener, L. Maksym, J. Nussbaum, M. Pflock, U. Rossow, R. Simmering

Microbiological Requirements for Water used in Cosmetics Production | Part 2: Sampling and control analyses

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Safety Assessors

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