An award for the top three articles of the year.

Since 2020, we have always presented the SOFW award in the category "Best Scientific Publication" at the end of the year.

With this award, we would like to honor the best publications from the fields of laundry and cleaning, cosmetics and personal care, and perfumery and fragrances in the SOFW journal.

But why do we do that?

Behind every article are years of hard work in the development and research of the respective products and processes. Setbacks, new beginnings, dead ends and many other obstacles had to be overcome by the team behind the article. We would like to pay tribute to the achievements "behind the scenes". To scientific progress and those who are involved in it.

And how are the articles evaluated?

By an independent jury. Industry experts from business and science evaluate each article published in SOFW journal autonomously and impartially.

What is your benefit in this?

Besides a truly stylish and sustainable award made of cherry wood and stainless steel, you will benefit from prestige and free advertising. Because the award winners are named in the SOFW journal and on our social media channels, and the work is republished in an electronic bonus edition, the SOFW award edition, and distributed to SOFW's entire online database. After all, that's around 18,000 contacts.

And now?

It's up to you! Check the technical guidelines and send us your latest findings and developments in the household, personal care and fragrance industry. By the way, your proposal should include a title and a short abstract.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The SOFW award winner 2022

1st Prize

Companies: 1BASF Grenzach GmbH2BASF SE
Authors: M. Sohn1, W. Wohlleben1, P. Müller1, D. Botin 2, M. Schnyder1, S. Kruś1, S. Acker1, B. Herzog1
Title: Nano or Non-Nano: the Key Aspect of the Measurement Method

2nd Prize

Company: FRAMES Formulation Intelligence
Authors: R. M. Hermant, J-P. Janssens
Title: Optimizing Your Resources for Market Intelligence and Product Development

3rd Prize

Company: DSM Nutritional Products Ltd.
Authors: G. Kunze, A. Schlifke, N. Hefner, E. Jackson, K. Berg, A. Janssen, J. Vollhardt
Title: New Method for Connecting Sunscreens with Consumers via a Relative Eco-score

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