German Association of Perfumers in SEPAWA® e.V Invites to Spring Conference “Volatile Times”

The spring conference, entitled "Volatile Times," will take place this year from April 25th to 26th in the historical setting of the Czech capital. You can look forward to engaging presentations on raw materials, regulatory matters, and marketing, as well as...

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Speaker: Britta Arendes

Company: Active Concepts SRL

Title: AC AmaraSense: Unlock Your Skin’s Natural Sense Receptors

Language: German


The connection between the senses and cosmetics has expanded beyond what it previously was. Similar to our tongue and nose, skin has taste and olfactory receptors that allow it to smell and taste.
The sensorial cosmetic active ingredient AC AmaraSense creates a special and closer link between the world of senses and the world of skincare. The foundation for the development of AC AmaraSense was laid by two current pillars: the „fragrant formulation“ trend, which incorporates benefits from the cosmetics industry, and new studies based on scientific investigations showing that, astonishingly, skin has taste and olfactory receptors.

AC AmaraSense is an ingredient that combines upcycled bitter substances including Licorice Root Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, and Artichoke Extract into a blend that can stimulate cutaneous bitter taste receptors.
Rigorous efficacy in-vitro experiments on AC AmaraSense proved the main objective of the product: bitter substances are able to release a calcium influx which activates proliferation, migration, and differentiation of skin cells. A smooth and luminous skin surface is the result of improved homeostasis and the integrity of the skin barrier. The advantages of the effective regulation of cutaneous homeostasis that contribute to the general health of the skin include the promotion of moisturizing, hydrating, and moisture retention benefits as well as the prevention of cellular senescence.

AC AmaraSense transforms the skin into an advanced sensory system, acting as a starting point for the creation of innovative and effective cosmetics. A total sensory experience and an alluring narrative for a simple-to-use water-soluble product that can satisfy the growing demands of the modern consumer: a scientifically supported, efficient, and innovative beauty regimen.

Step into the sensory world of AC AmaraSense and experience the power of unlocking your skin‘s natural sense receptors!


Dr. Baghaei, you introduced a new term in cosmetology: Skinvestimalism. What do you mean with this term? What is #Skinvestimalism?
Skinvestimalism combines #Skinvestment and #Skinmalism, involving smart and mindful skincare...

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Product Launches

Evonik has launched Vecollage™ Fortify L, a new vegan collagen for the beauty and personal care market that is identical to collagen in the skin. Vecollage™ Fortify L leverages Evonik’s competencies in biotechnology, collagen, and skin care to meet the demand for...

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