IFF Promotes Three Women Perfumers to Vice-President Perfumers

IFF today announced the promotion of three perfumers to vice president perfumers: Patricia “Patty” Hidalgo, Joa Kim and Birgit Sijbrands.

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Speaker: Dr. Volker Krug

Company: GloryActives GmbH

Title: ALGAKTIV® Collage – Vegan, Injection-Free Collagen Filler

Language: German

Abstract: Collagen is an essential structural protein of our skin. An intact collagen framework provides the skin firmness, tightness and elasticity. It thus forms the architecture of our skin. Ageing processes and various environmental factors lead to the degradation of collagen fibres, which is primarily visible in the formation of wrinkles.
Atopically applied collagen offers good moisturising properties, but cannot enable the reconstruction of the collagen network in the skin. Due to their size, the collagen molecules cannot reach the deeper layers of the skin where the collagen network is formed.

Microalgae open up new possibilities as a source of active ingredients to stimulate collagen synthesis in deeper skin layers and also contain building blocks for the formation of new collagen fibres in the skin. The active ingredient ALGAKTIV® Collage, which is obtained from the microalgae Haematococcus Pluvialis with the help of sustainable biotechnology, provides an active complex especially adapted to these requirements. It consists of vegan collagen amino acids, which even have a double effect: they act as an effective carrier system by transporting water molecules quickly into the skin before they are used directly at the source of collagen synthesis as essential building blocks for the formation of new collagen in the skin. Moisturising and collagen boosting from one element!

As a further component, spermidine with growth factor-like properties stimulate native collagen synthesis. In this way, the architecture of the skin can be restored from within. At the same time, ALGAKTIV® Collage regenerates the skin‘s moisture channels, the so-called aquaporins, to maintain the skin‘s natural water balance and thus protect it from further collagen degradation. This 2-in-1 effect restructures and firms the skin and provides long-lasting moisture. With immediate and long-term effect, suited for certified natural cosmetics.


34th IFSCC CONGRESS is going to be the biggest IFSCC event realized in Brazil. You will experience the Brazilian caring way of holding an event. You will explore papers about biodiversity with focus on technologies that support one world sustainable.

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Product Launches

Evonik has launched Vecollage™ Fortify L, a new vegan collagen for the beauty and personal care market that is identical to collagen in the skin. Vecollage™ Fortify L leverages Evonik’s competencies in biotechnology, collagen, and skin care to meet the demand for...

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