symex Brings Innovative Mixing Solutions to Make-Up in Paris - First Time

symex, a leading manufacturer of customized mixing and homogenizing systems for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Make-Up in Paris. 

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Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Jacob

Company: ystral gmbh

Title: Fully Automatic Inline Production of Cleaners and Detergents

Language: English


A fully automatic inline production without any process tank is a fantastic goal, especially in the large-scale production of cleaners, detergents and many other home and personal care products. There are only three problems. The main problem is the air in the powder. Powder components contain between 75 and 98% air and this air is not allowed to be present in the final product. Second problem are invariable addition conditions and sequences. pH-value, polarity, temperature, hydration time and sequence must be correctly respected when adding the different components inline. And thirdly, thickeners and gelling agents are the lowest concentrated but most complex components to be incorporated and processed and must not be over-sheared under any circumstances.

The solution is based on the use of a multi-stage inline dispersing machine with variable shear conditions in the individual stages, multiple component addition sections as well as the false-air-free dispersion of all powders in side lines. With this concept, variable formulations can be produced inline without process tanks.


Vytrus Biotech is renowned for pioneering plant stem cell technology applied to cosmetic science. This time, the biotech company embraces a novel approach to facial training to rejuvenate the skin...

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Product Launches

Traditional salicylic acid holds a captivating duality in the realm of personal care products. On one side, it carries a taboo due to its association with chemical exfoliation and the potential for skin sensitivity, where now the market is trending and prioritizing...

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11.07.2024 10:00 CET - 16:00 CET


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