PARSOL® DHHB – UVA Protection with Excellent Compatibility

PARSOL® DHHB (INCI: Diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate) is an efficient UVA absorber for sunscreen, face care and color cosmetic formulations. It enables broadband protection when combined with effective UVB filters and can also contribute to SPF.

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Speaker: Christoph Lerbs

Company: Nölken Hygiene Products, Mitglied im FONAP

Co-Speaker: Dr. Michael Top

Company: Kao Chemicals GmbH, Mitglied im FONAP

Title: How Participation in FONAP Supports the Implementation of Regulatory Sustainability Requirements: Two Practical Examples

Language: German


The multistakeholder platform Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil is internationally engaged, monitors policy developments and anticipates market needs in the sector of globally traded agricultural commodities with a focus on sustainable palm oil. Members jointly develop solutions in several working groups and benefit from learning from each other. Tools and information gathered is then utilized from members to meet regulatory sustainability requirements. Specifically for small and medium enterprises implementation support is going to be essential since there is a growing number of legislations in EU.

Two members (multinational corporation & medium sized company) working with oleoderivates present their membership experiences broadly and specifically results in applying developed tools and insights gained. Both companies are engaged in the working group “Derivatives & technical solutions”, which work agenda includes complexities of global supply chain traceability of derivatives or the development of guidance for the analysis of human rights and environmental risks in global palm oil supply chains. Voluntary participation in the FONAP smallholder projects in Malaysia and Indonesia supports the inclusion of this producer groups and enables better understanding of local circumstances and potential sustainability risks within the own supply chain of palm oil sourced in those countries.

Based on concrete application examples as part of the required risk analysis (palm oil guidance as result of FONAP human rights study) and risk mitigation (information gathered from FONAP projects) the value of FONAP membership is demonstrated using the example of the German supply chain act. In addition, another example of active participation of FONAP in policy development processes is presented. FONAP has contributed during the development phase of the EU Deforestation Regulation through consultation input and supports its implementation as a member of the national stakeholder forum.


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