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Personal Care: SpringTIME to innovate

Personal Care: SpringTIME to innovate

Apr 15, 2021 - Apr 15, 2021

This SOFW eVENT is a small, themed digital event for the personal care industry. It aims to connect participants and companies and to achieve the best possible and highest quality output and contact between buyers and sellers.

Focus at this event: Personal Care: SpringTIME to innovate

  • Latest product developments in the Personal Care and Fragrance Industry
  • Active ingredients
  • Multifunctional products
  • Natural/organic/renewable ingredients

Keynote lecture

"EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and its Impact on Cosmetics Supply Chains." by Alex Föller, TEGEWA e.V.

Exhibitors and their presentations

Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH
"Time to find your natural balance: AnnonaSense CLR™ - an approach for healthy skin & mind" by Ralf Kuschnereit
MC Beauty Science GmbH
"Æonome™The first Agebiotic for the cosmetic market" by Dr. Jörg Oliver Schmitz, New Business Development/Technical Back up
ProTec Ingredia
"TechnoHYAL HyaPearl: active color cosmetics from upcycling of Mediterranean richness” by Maria Giovanna Bruno, Product Manager, Personal Care Actives

What can you expect?
  • Excellent expertise: Meet our exhibitors and talk to their specialists.
  • Keep up with the industry: Listen to the presentations and get the latest news on developments. 
  • eConnect: Find the peers and partners you are looking for.
We know the industry. Use our expertise.
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With our new SOFW eVENT series, we offer you the platform for your best possible success.

Target group-optimised | Money saving | High quality range.

Don’t waste your time and exhibit on our first events.

Get more details in our new SOFW eVENTS Brochure

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The Seifensiederzeitung (the soap boiler journal) was founded in Leipzig in 1874 and has been published by H. Ziolkowsky Verlag für chemische Industrie in Augsburg  since 1876. Based on these origins, a modern professional journal, the SOFW Journal, and all other communication platforms of SOFW (Verlag für chemische Industrie H. Ziolkowsky GmbH), for applied science in cosmetics, body care, detergents and fragrance industry has evolved today.

For almost 150 years now, the trade journal SOFW Journal has accompanied the developments of the soap, detergent, perfume, body care and cosmetics industries in chemistry and technology and the careers of associations and societies. It is therefore the technical literature of this industry.

With the growing introduction of research into the cleaning and cosmetics industry, SOFW Journal increasingly published chemical-technical articles describing the practical application of science. Thus the journal became one of the most important sources of information for R&D. Today, the SOFW Journal with its 3 language versions is one of the most widely read and best-known specialist publications in the industry worldwide.

In addition to the trade journal, the publishing house publishes manuals and reference books in printed and electronic versions.

The publishing house is also the organizer and co-organizer of various events, such as HPCI Events and SEPAWA Congress in the industry and administers the SEPAWA e.V. and DGK e.V. associations.

SOFW offers the complete communications spectrum for the personal care, cosmetics and detergent industries worldwide.

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