LMC Cosmetics Conference February 7, 2019, Stuttgart, Germany

T. Vollner

The LMC Cosmetics Conference on 7 February 2019 offered
a multi-faceted look at various areas in the cosmetics industry.
The first presentation provided information, among other things,
on the current MOSH/MOAH problem in cosmetics products. It examined
the scientific background and presented the regulatory authorities’
viewpoint on this topic. The next presentation explained
how plant-based raw materials are harvested and evaluated. It
quickly became clear how many hurdles must be overcome between
the raw material concept and the raw material ready for usage.
Afterwards, participants in the auditorium learned interesting
facts from the field of microbiology – antimicrobial cosmetic products,
their product claims, effectiveness testing and differentiation
from other legal areas.The special lecture on corporate values in
the cosmetics industry highlighted the relevance and added value
of clear, concise and individual corporate values. It was followed
by an overview of the current market developments, trends and
boundaries in the field of natural cosmetics. Participants learned
that there is still no set legal definition of the term “natural cosmetics”,
meaning that consumer expectations and reality are often at
odds with one another. The excursus on focal points of examinations
during regulatory inspections offered a different perspective
on the topic. Clear emphasis here was placed on the importance of
a comprehensible and complete safety report. And finally, interesting
case examples from the LMC Service GmbH illustrated which
situations can lead to discontinuation of the safety report and what
factors should be taken into consideration early on in the product
development phase.
14,02 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

Online available
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