Clay-like Ingredient for a Better Skin and Well-being

J. Comas, O. Laporta, E. Cañadas, A. Soley, R. Delgado

Clay-based skin care treatments are one of the oldest skin care treatments still being used today by many consumers.
They are known to present multiple cosmetic benefits, as well as well-being-enhancing properties, becoming an ideal ally for people living in busy and urban environments. However, these ancient treatments are also asked to be reinvented to bring fresh air to the market.
Uniclay™ biotech ingredient is a fermentation-based extract derived from a clay microorganism that mimics the effects of clays on the skin, offering a cleaner, smoother and more beautiful skin for all ethnicities and improved sense of well-being.
The ingredient can also be incorporated into all types of skin care formulations, bringing renovated applications to consumers.
14,02 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

Online available
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