Next Generation Dandruff Control

F. Genrich, C. Koch, S. Lange, N. Bugdahn, G. Schmaus

Dandruff is a global phenomenon and the need for cosmetic products to relieve symptoms like flaking, itching and redness remains high [1]. Anti-dandruff consumer products in the cosmetics market typically rely on the use of strong anti-fungal ingredients. Three conventional actives are commonly used from a global perspective: zinc pyrithione, climbazole and piroctone-olamine.Except for a limited selection of multifunctionals, some blends or natural extracts, there has been no major new active launched to market for decades. In this article we present an entirely new solution: propanediol caprylate (Crinipan® PMC green), a novel molecule for cosmetic applications, developed to serve multiple needs: comparable efficacy to conventional anti-dandruff actives, natural origin, green chemistry, sustainability, new mode of action and simple formulating.
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