Unique Active Ingredients Balancing the Skin Microbiome to Solve the Fourth Most Common Skin Issue

C. Zanchetta, M. Fleury

Skin microbiota refers to the living microorganisms present on the skin’s surface. As an essential part of the skin’s ecosystem, the understanding of skin microbiota is crucial in developing efficient cosmetic products. Givaudan Active Beauty has developed active ingredients related to the skin microbiota, specifically targeting the four main skin issues faced by the consumers: hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity, oiliness and skin ageing. In regulating both the skin physiology and the skin microbiome, B-Lightyl™, Mangixyl™, Sensityl™ and Yogurtene® Balance offer strong skin benefits. These ingredients are part of a larger portfolio dedicated to the skin microbiota. Globally, Givaudan Active Beauty delivers ingredients able to balance, protect and activate the microbiota to enhance the beauty of all skins.

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