UV Protection of Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials in Sunscreen Applications

T. Khalil, M. Köhler, K. Wegner, M. Ommer

In recent years, material properties have been widely adapted to meet specific application needs including cosmetics, coating, doping or modifying the structure. Nanoparticles have shown a positive development due to its own various properties, functionalities and its applications in Cosmetics. One example where consumer expectations grow and the demand increases are UV protectors or sun creams. It was concluded that nanoparticles can be used in cosmetics like sunscreen to increase UV protection and prevent bacteria growth simultaneously. The available products are characterized by advantages and disadvantages of the various UV protection factors, and so far, no single material combines all desired properties. Nanotechnology shows an advantage character as it can be used to change the properties of the finely produced nanoparticles and influences products from various sectors as well as industries for a wide variety of applications, UV protection being amongst them.

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