Deoiling of Lecithin with CO2

L. Meyer

Lecithin (E 322), a high-quality, functional additive is used in many industrial applications. The viscous (native) raw lecithin contains approx. 35-40% vegetable oil. If the oil is removed, the lecithin changes its physical form and becomes a powdery solid. This simplifies handling of the pure lecithin powder, which is supplied in 25 and 50 kg containers, when used in production. It is also particularly suitable for oil-free and fat-reduced formulations and also permits lower dosage. Analytically, the two types of lecithin differ mainly in their acetone insoluble (A.U.) content, with crude lecithin having an A.U. of 60-65% and deoiled lecithin an A.U. of about 95-97%.

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