Tackling Under-Eye Dark Circles with a Responsibly Sourced Root Extract

C. Gonindard, P. Warnault, A. Salwinski, N. Rombaut, A. Guillaumin, B. Leyre, S. Delaunois, B. Mignard, H. Chajra, M. Frechet, A. Werle

This paper aims to demonstrate that using an eco-responsible technology called Plant Milking it is possible to produce a new active ingredient from the roots of Ipomoea batatas. Rich in dicaffeoyl quinate esters (DCQEs), this extract efficiently tackles several pathways leading to under eye dark circles to improve the eye contour aspect. A full transcriptomic study was done and demonstrated that genes involved in the main biological pathways leading to dark circles formation were downregulated. This study was completed by an evaluation of the effects of the active on vascularization using an innovative 3D vascularized dermis model, showing the active ingredient helps modulate the formation of new vessels. An ex-vivo assessment demonstrated it can re-densify the dermis. To confirm the benefits for consumers a clinical evaluation showed eye contour color was improved in only 7 days and eye stiffness was increased thanks to this Ipomoea batatas root extract.

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