Active for Actives: Interview with Dr. Volker Krug, Managing Director, Glory Actives

Dr. Volker Krug, Managing Director
Glory Actives

Your slogan is: Care and protection of the skin is our task and highest goal

What products do you offer under this slogan?

We mainly offer actives for cosmetics.

Active components are essential for the success of cosmetic products. In an environment which is affected by growing expectations on the performance of cosmetic formulas, it becomes more and more important for cosmetic producers to work with the best available and innovative actives.

Our active components and private label products make sure that the formulas of our customers fulfil what modern cosmetics are able to accomplish.

Starting from prebiotic algae extracts to synthetic peptides – we offer the right active for each formula, most certainly also for natural cosmetics. Whether on the basis of highly innovative dermal carrier systems or with extracts from plants based on knowledge of centuries about their applications – our active components are ideal instruments for cosmetic producers to realize the best possible protection and care of the skin.

What additional services do you offer?

Counselling and service are a key point of our company philosophy. In times in which our customers complain about less quality in counselling and also poorer availability of actives, we try to supply comprehensive service and counselling especially in these areas.

Apart from the technical support regarding our actives we set a high value on marketing of actives. This means that we support our customers in developing marketing concepts for the products in which they would like to use our actives. We think that this in an important service as this subject area becomes more and more complex due to the rising demands on cosmetics.

Especially when looking at the expectations of consumers in the areas of safety and compatibility of cosmetic products, not only concerning the dermatological point of view, but also concerning the possibility to claim “trendy” products (clean cosmetics, vegan, etc.).

Where do you obtain your active ingredients from?

We receive our actives exclusively from suppliers, of whom we are sure that their products comply with the highest possible level. This we also expect for the documentation and testing of these actives.

With the range of suppliers that we represent, we cover the complete spectrum of cosmetic areas (natural cosmetics, conventional cosmetics, etc.).

Since recently we also offer our own actives under the brand name Glorydermal®. Next year a new active will follow, which covers the topic comprehensive skin protection. This active will provide a solution in the areas that mainly affect our skin, the presence of so-called free radicals and damages of the DNS, for example caused by UV-rays.

How important are delivery systems for the effectiveness of the active ingredients?

Dermal carrier systems are one of the most important subjects in the innovative cosmetics research. Apart from protecting sensitive actives, they also ensure the transport of the actives into the skin layers in which they can perfectly take effect.

For this purpose we offer a wide range of different carrier systems, in order to encapsulate the actives in the best possible way for the intended use. It comprises well-known carrier systems such as liposomes but also highly innovative systems, which can penetrate the actives aimed and selectively into the skin cells, such as the X50-technology. We published a review article on this topic in SOFW 06/2020. This technology permits to infiltrate nearly quantitatively into skin cells, like fibroblasts for example. Like this we reach a maximum of cosmetic effectiveness with a minimum of application concentration.

Summarising it can be said, that we are able to offer an appropriate active with the optimal carrier system for each area of cosmetic.

In your opinion, has Corona changed skin care?

Due to the increasing demand for disinfectants for hands the need to rebalance and regenerate the stressed skin arises. We believe that the development of the microbiota plays a key role. For this reason we offer actives that can rebalance the microbiota of the skin and like this ensure the skin care under these special conditions.

Apart from this, Corona has caused a change in sales channels for cosmetics, the growing sales via internet is one of the most significant alternations. From this the need for cosmetic producers arises to formulate their product concepts clearly and understandably for this media. With our company philosophy of counselling and the marketing of actives we can make an important contribution to our customers’ success.

Which changes in the cosmetic market do you expect in the future?

We believe that the efficacy of cosmetic products will become even more important. As consumers not only expect this but at the same time also the best possible product safety, the importance of innovative actives becomes more and more significant. Still, not only the above mentioned efficacy but also the effective communication, i.e. the marketing of these products, will be significant for the success of our customers. With our counselling and our actives we would like to be the ideal partner for our customers.

Our website offers a good possibility to quickly get a first overview over our service and actives. It shows the latest products by presentations, speeches and publications which can directly be downloaded.

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