Clariant Goes Root to Tip on Textured Hair Needs

Interview with Lynna Pili, Segment Marketing Manager, Personal Care – North America

Clariant introduced “The Curl Project” recently. Which is your consumer target group with this project?

This concept was developed to offer creative and innovative solutions targeted to the growing hair care sub-segment of textured hair care in North America, regardless of gender, ethnicity or age group. Such consumers are looking for products they can trust and depend on to deliver equitable results to their “mass hair care” counterparts. 

Within The Curl Project, hair cleansing, conditioning, and styling formulations are substantiated with a variety of ingredient and formulation data to emphasize the functionality of Clariant’s specialty portfolio and the ability of these personal care ingredients and formulation ideas to address key needs of textured hair and co-related issues. Such as, a desire for natural looking textured hair, ease of combing and manageability, frizz control, and curl retention, manageability and definition. 

How timely is the launch of the concept and what are some of the trends trying to be addressed?  

It’s often been a challenge to access the very specific care that different types of textured hair require. Thankfully, times are changing and brands are starting to bring these hair care needs mainstream. This concept is being launched at an opportune time as an increasing number of retailers and brands are clearly offering a value proposition and emphasizing the need for these product types. 

The specific care issues and trends addressed in The Curl Project are inherent to textured hair and will likely remain relevant to the industry for the foreseeable future, especially since diversity and inclusivity are in the clear and constant spotlight. Summer is also just around the corner, a time of high heat and humidity when attention turns to the hard work normally required to keep curls hydrated and frizz in check.

In terms of specific trends, for example, as more and more consumers start to embrace the beauty of curls in their natural state, the need for repair and cleansing benefits to detangle, detox and reduce damage from heat and other harsh treatments is coming to the fore. We’re bringing proven effectiveness in this area. Crucially, and going beyond trends, our formulations acknowledge the all-important need for brands to keep sustainability in mind when developing products.

Currently there are only a few ingredients available that can really perform the demand job of looking after textured hair, not making it easy for brands to create formulations that consumers will believe in. There’s room for innovation and using the combined benefits of our personal care ingredients, we can help formulators create their own thoughtfully crafted products that will stay on trend and resonate with consumers’ challenges. 

What are the properties of the featured ingredients?

These formulations prioritize sustainability and efficacy potential and equip formulators with market data, claims studies and format ideas centered on a variety of natural active and functional ingredients. 

Each nature-derived ingredient is expressly chosen for its proven, recognized performance such as moisturizing or strengthening to overcome the key challenges of textured hair. These include intrinsic low tensile strength, tendency for brittleness, and low water uptake of textured and curly hair. 

 One of the featured product lines is Genadvance® because of its benefits. Genadvance Hydra is one of Clariant’s most nature-friendly moisturizer, it delivers a great after feel and leaves hair feeling moisturized and manageable. Genadvance Life is a hair conditioning agent that reduces hair frizz and boosts volume and hair gloss without having build-up effect. And Genadvance Repair is a hair conditioning agent that not only repairs damaged and dry hair but prevents further damage.

How can you substantiate these claims? 

Our goal was to get to the root of textured hair care concerns for consumers in this space looking for interesting, efficacious, and gentle products. The formulations were tested both qualitatively and quantitatively with a variety of tests to assess manageability, combability and frizz response, substantiated on study-critical hair tress curl types 3, 4, and 5 (standard, loose to S type, etc.). To help brands create products consumers can trust to perform, we aimed to provide formulators with as much strong data and insights as possible, as to why these formulations are relevant to the market, and how Clariant products are ideal for these type of formulations.

How can interested formulators get more information?

Additional information can be found on our website where formulators can access formulation overviews and also request a sample, or by reaching out to our team of product experts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Will you join some of the digital forums to demonstrate your new concept “The Curl Project”?

Yes, we recently hosted a webinar to encourage real conversation on the growing demand for differentiated textured hair products, taking a scientific look at this market segment, formulations and the criticality of claims substantiation. And we’d be interested in joining digital forums to demonstrate our new concept.



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