Sustainable Solutions

Interview with Fanélie Jaeglé, Technical & Marketing Director,
Home Care and I&I, IMCD

What does sustainability mean to IMCD in the context of the Home Care and I&I industry?

At IMCD Home Care and I&I, sustainability is about our commitment to sharing knowledge and resources throughout the distribution supply chain and creating sustainable solutions that encompass every aspect of a product's life cycle. From the very first molecule in a formulation right through to the end of that products lifecycle, including responsible wastewater management. Sustainability is the guiding principle that drives our approach.

Could you elaborate on how IMCD Home Care and I&I align with global sustainability initiatives and what role technical and product innovation plays in this journey?

IMCD is proud to support the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, a comprehensive sustainability initiative covering human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. On top of this, we actively identify trends and consider regional nuances, allowing us and our partners to develop products that have a positive or reduced negative impact on our world. Our technical and product innovations serve as tangible examples of sustainability in action, demonstrating that performance doesn’t need to be compromised when pursuing environmentally responsible solutions.

With that in mind, can you highlight some specific sustainable solutions and innovations that IMCD Home Care and I&I have developed to showcase the possibilities of sustainable product formulations?

I’m glad you asked because we are really passionate about practising what we preach and showcasing our sustainable solutions. One example is our PFAS-free water-based rain repellent that is based on silicones, demonstrating that water-based solutions can be effective and sustainable.

Also, our new 25ml liquid laundry formulation is a highly concentrated solution and is testament to how small changes can bring about powerful results.

We’ve also recently developed a fabric deep clean mist, which actually begins the cleaning process in the dirty laundry basket and neutralises odours using harmless bacteria.

These are just a few examples that we hope showcases our continued commitment to innovate and create sustainable solutions that elevate performance and are better for people and the planet. All three of these solutions will be available as samples at SEPAWA, so come and see us at stand D603-D607 and try them for yourselves.Furthermore, we are currently in the process of rolling out regional reports focused on sustainability. We call these reports ‘TRENDS’ and they offer valuable insights into key global sustainability trends. We have already released our EMEA and APAC reports and we’re excited to share our Americas version later in the year. They are completely free and can be downloaded here.I’d also really encourage anyone looking to develop sustainable solutions to take a look at our website to find out more about our approach to sustainability.

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