Plantasens Pro LM: A Versatile Emollient Ideal for Skincare, Suncare and Color Cosmetic Applications

Interview with Jasmine Shah,
Marketing Manager Skin Care at Clariant

Why are emollients essential in personal care products, what is their role? 

Emollients have long been recognized as indispensable ingredients in personal care products for their ability to soften the skin and enhance moisture retention. Traditionally, emollients have been valued for their role in providing gentle moisturization and maintaining skin. However, demands on emollients are evolving. Consumers increasingly seek skincare benefits across their beauty routines – so emollient use is becoming increasingly important for sun care and color cosmetic formulations. This “skinification” trend has driven the integration of skincare into diverse applications, such as sunscreens with incorporated hydrating ingredients and foundations with added skincare benefits.

Our latest launch, Plantasens Pro LM stands out as a versatile emollient that has found its place in skincare but also in makeup and sun care formulations, and perfectly embodies the spirit of skinification across applications. In addition, Pro LM provides formulators with a choice of excellent emollience without compromising on environmental sustainability. 

Why does Plantasens Pro LM stand out compared to other emollients on the market?

With its unique attributes, Plantasens Pro LM caters to the demands of modern beauty formulations, offering a luxurious and caring skin feel, making it an excellent choice for rich and creamy moisturizers. It’s also fully customizable – being compatible with several commonly used waxes, oils and oleogels, which broaden its application scope. This seamless ability to blend with a variety of other ingredients is particularly important to ensure that it is not limited to thicker formulations and is also suitable as an emollient for use in suncare formulations. 

For use in the realm of sun care, Plantasens Pro LM shines as an ideal companion for organic UV filters. Its outstanding compatibility ensures the formulation remains stable and effective in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Additionally, its superior pigment wetting and dispersing ability makes it valuable in mineral suncare formulations, as well as color cosmetic applications. Overall, Plantasens Pro LM is a great choice of emollient for use in moisturizing foundations or tinted moisturizers. 

Beyond its exceptional performance, what are the additional benefits of Plantasens Pro LM?

Plantasens Pro LM champions environmental responsibility. Sourced from Palm kernel oil and castor oil, and available in RSPO grade, this emollient has a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of 100%. Additionally, it is readily biodegradable according to OECD 301B standards, reflecting Clariant’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact. As a COSMOS and Natrue-certified ingredient, Pro LM is also a great choice for formulators looking to create certified formulations. 

Plantasens Pro LM stands as a testament to the evolution of emollients in the beauty industry, meeting the demands of the skinification trend and catering to the ever-expanding skincare, makeup, and suncare markets. Its luxurious feel, compatibility with various ingredients, and exceptional performance make it a reliable choice for formulators seeking to create innovative and versatile beauty products. With
Plantasens Pro LM, the journey to develop cutting-edge formulations that deliver both beauty and skincare benefits becomes even more promising.

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