Sustainable Solvents for a Lower Carbon Footprint Cleaning Product

F. Grigoletto

The United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP26, held in Glasgow in November 2021, was a major event bringing together leaders from all countries to agree on how to step up global actions to solve the climate crisis, and there was one topic at the top of their agenda: the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is easy to imagine that this same target is also at the top of the short-medium term objectives lists of the most important industries across different markets, and consumer goods companies are definitely not behind. The need to be environmentally friendly clearly affects Home & Personal care formulations, and it is up to the chemical industry to deliver solutions that will allow us – as formulators and as consumers – to have lower carbon footprint products. At Solvay, sustainability leads us in the development of new solutions and lower carbon footprint solutions that can replace petrochemical based chemistry are at the heart of our initiatives. In this context, Solvay has developed the Augeo line of solvents that can deliver up to 60% lower carbon footprint compared to glycol ethers, without compromising on high performance for cleaning products.

14,02 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

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