An Instant Lift for Skin through the Power of Algae

R. Campiche, F. Pascucci

Is there a way to deliver the instant skin lifting effect many consumers are looking for while also meeting their expectations for clean, eco-friendly ingredients? Our sustainably produced skin bioactive Nannochloropsis oculata Extract, Pullulan (commercial name PEPHA®-TIGHT CB) was originally proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with long term use. In this article, we describe our new in vivo study which showed how it can also exert perceptible skin smoothing and lifting benefits in the short term. Specifically, skin texture appears smoother within minutes of a first application, while improved firmness and skin elasticity result in a lifting effect which is still noticeable 12 hours after a second application. Nannochloropsis oculata Extract, Pullulan comes within the increasingly popular category of ingredients derived from micro-algae and is produced through a biotech process which puts less strain on the environment and natural resources. This is likely to enhance its appeal to consumers requiring clean beauty solutions that are good for their skin but also respectful of the planet.

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