SPF Boosting? Naturally, Natural!

M. Busch, M. Issleib, L. Jung, C. Teubner

Consumer wishes change based on a growing consciousness for the environment and people. Also, regulations change and evolve due to current and updated scientific findings. This also affects the range of commonly used UV filters. As an industry, we develop products that address these trends and meet those requirements. Consequently, we must find innovative ways to develop and optimize sunscreen products where SPF boosters play an important role. 

SPF boosters shall increase the value of SPF and preferably UVAPF and allow to reach higher sun protection factors with the same amount of UV filters. These products are not considered as UV filters because they, alone, do not significantly contribute to SPF or UVA. But they can help sunscreen formulators to answer the demands for high SPF products while considering a limited choice of UV filters.

14,02 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

Online available
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