Cork Particles in Cosmetic, Gentle Exfoliator from Mediterranean Forest

M. Bermúdez, L. Pomares, M.E. Matesanz

Natural, biodegradable, sustainable and more. Cork is a unique material obtained from the bark of Quercus Suber L. and has been used since a long time. Processing of harvesting is respectful for the tree and necessary to maintain its physiological functions completely. Cork is not only destinated for the wine industry but is also important for other areas. In the upcycling movement, and for its multiple benefits in the ecosystem and environmentally friendly, the creation of an exfoliating agent was made. A clinical study of Exfobreeze™ (Quercus Suber Bark), has been done, with the aim of demonstrating the exfoliating capacity of cork particles, and therefore an effective alternative to microplastic scrubs.

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