Global Ingredients & Formulations Guide 2018, Hardcover

The Personal Care Almanac
Many exciting new developments and launch­es were introduced at numerous trade shows this year. Our Personal Care Almanac takes you on an excursion through latest innova­tions, developments, launches and trends.
Consumers’ consciousness of their individual responsibility to contribute to a clean­er environment is still one of the big focuses in the cosmetic industry.
The Global Ingredients and Formulations Guide 2018 offers insight into the excellent work done by countless scientists in the cos­metic industry during the last year.
Chapter I – Skin Care
Effects and Benefits of Amino Acids for the Skin
(B. Becker) 
Cleansing Formulations and Their Effect on Skin
(C. Martinez Lerga) 
A Breakthrough Innovation in the Design of a Second Skin Protective Film
(M. Coirier, E. Lasjaunias, L. Verzeaux, D. Boudier, M. Dana, B. Closs) 
Oily, Natural Skin Lightener from Botanical Origin
(V. Donat, A. Martí) 
Safety and Efficacy of Oil Control Moisturizer: Findings from a Clinical Study (M. Majeed, S. Majeed, M. Paschapur, S. Thazhathidath) 
Chapterl II – Sensitive Skin
Peptide Inspired by Sea Anemone Venom Comforts Sensitive Skin
(F. Wandrey, D. Schmid, F. Zülli)
Chapter III – Sustainability
Responsible Approach to Sustainable Cosmetics: The Innovative Esters Horizon
(F. Carlomagno, A. A. Cominetti, S. Zanzottera) 
New Aspect to APGs
(B. Sahin)
Chapter IV – Antipollution
Stabilized Green Tea Polyphenols Protecting Skin from Pollution
(M. De Matos, H. Foliguet) 
Detoxification and Protection against Pollution and Sun Exposure using Multiple Approaches and Solutions
(L. von Oppen-Bezalel)
Extremolytes Offer Global Protection and Repair
(J. Kienemund, E. Galik)
Chapter V – Hair Care
Washing Away the “Bad Hair Day” with Silicone Solutions
(C. Fournier, B. Johnson, R. Smith) 
A New Technology to Defend Hair from Environmental Pollution
(C. Lourenco, A. Nakano, M. Paula, G. Vielhaber, G. Schmaus) 
Performance Analysis of Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters in Hair Care Applications
(T. Oliphant, R. Harper)
Chapter VI –Preservation
An Alluring, Subtle Fragrance with Antimicrobial Benefits
(A. Wingenfeld, K. Winkowski)
Chapter VII – Marketing Concepts
Eyes Wide Open – or How to Make Your Product Vision Visible
(X. Petsitis) 
WOW MOM: Comprehensive Skin Care for Busy Mothers
(D. Niemczycka, F. Pecquerie, M. Ollagnier) 
Chapter VIII – Formulations
Decorative Cosmetics
Hair Care
Skin Care
Sun Care
Chapter IX – Company Index
Chapter X – Suppliers’ Directory

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