Cosmetic Ingredients & Formulations Guide 2019, Hardcover

Trends and Topics
The speed of innovations in the cosmetics industry continues to be fast-paced. Who has new ideas and formulations? Which marketing strategy do I pursue with my product? What is the consumer trend? Which topics are relevant? Many new products and technologies were presented at the various trade fairs during the past year. The Cosmetic Ingredients and Formulations Guide 2019 presents some of these new products and cosmetic topics with a large number of formulation examples and provides an overview of the suppliers of active substances and ingredients. We hope that you too will find inspiration in the Cosmetic Ingredients and Formulations Guide 2019.
Chapter 1 – Innovation Papers 
New Cosmetic Active Complex to Protect and Repair Against Damages Related to Exposome-Induced Oxidative Stress
(H. Mallard) 
Protective Effects of Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract on Human Skin Cells in vitro 
(V. Arruda, A. D’Arcangelis, D. Thorn Leeson) 
A Plant-Based Alternative to Existing Glucosamine, the Skin-Identical Booster of Hyaluronic Acid Synthesis (A. Jeanneau) 
Natural Ingredients for Skin Care Applications Sourced from Italian Agricultural Products
(G. Dell’Acqua) 
Naturally Mobilize the Senses into the Skin
(M. Coirier, S. Gofflo, S. Le Davadic, E. Lasjaunias, B. Closs) 
Symrise’s Natural Cosmetics Ingredients Go Green!
K. Benaissi, J. Chamla Klingbeil) 
Baycusan® eco E 1000 – Naturally-derived Film Former with Superior Hair Styling Properties
(L. Pottié) 
An Effective and Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Silicone for Hair Care
(S. Mizael) 
Sensory and Molecular Methods to Measure Odours in Personal Care Products
(C. Tournier, C. Villatoro, A. Meacham, M. Fredericq) 
Chapter 2 – Formulations 
Decorative Cosmetics
Hair Care
Skin Care
Sun Care
Disclaimers for the Fomulations
Chapter 3 – Company Index 
Chapter 4 – Suppliers’ Directory

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