sofw journal 06-2017, English, Print

personal care
E. Rubio, M. Perez-Aso, E. Seco, A. Serrano-Puebla, P. Boya, J. Bosch, R. Armengol,
B. Martínez-Teipel, H. Döring
Mitophagy Activation – a Novel Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Target
J. Comas, C. Davi, E. Cañadas, M. Vincendet, R. Delgado
High-quality Collagen from a Shiitake-based Extract
E. Grau, L. Antón
Anti-Pollution: Olive Active Hidroxytyrosol
home care
S. Muresan, A. Zuberbuehler
Multifunctional Surfactants – Essential Ingredients for Efficient Cleaning Products
S. Tamburic, H. Sisson, N. Cunningham, M. C. Stevic
Rheological and Texture Analysis Methods for Quantifying Yield Value and Level of Thixotropy
sepawa news
T. Kimmel, T. Leiblein, T. Hofmann, F. Schambil
Biocides, Solvents and Dyes: Trends in Formulations and Sustainability
OMYA: Gentle Body & Facial Scrub Containing 10 % Omyascrub® S 20-KA
KahlWax: Feel & Peel Good Oil | CBS_005_01
Evonik: O/W Perfect Skin Care Fluid SPF 20 UVA | SG 16/15-8.1
company news
“For the Good, True and Beautiful“
SLI Chemicals hosts the 4th Frankfurt Cosmetic Days
GREENTECH & DEINOVE Enter into a Partnership to
Co-Develop and Market New Active Ingredients for Skin Care
German Awards for Excellence: Symrise Recognized for Exemplary Sustainability
Evonik Texture Concept Wins Sensory Award
New Executive Board at the DGK e.V.
Clariant and Huntsman to Combine in Merger of Equals
First HPCI Iran Congress and 13th ASCS Conference, Kerman, Iran
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