sofw journal 05-2015, English, Online

J. Loeuil
Sourcing the EPHEMER™ for a Long Lasting Anti-Ageing Effect
P. Schwarzentruber, N. Di Maiuta
Innovative Concepts for Personal Care Products Preservation
H. van der Hoeven, H. Prade
Skin Renewal through a Probiotic Skincare Approach
A. Bach, A. Wagner
How to Formulate Highly Efficient Cleaners Without Hazard Pictograms
U. Otto
Whitening Enhancement of Fabrics by a Polymeric Whitening Enhancer Technology with
a Blue Chromophore
R. Garaffa
Eureco RP103 a New Granular form of PAP (ε-Phthalimido Peroxyhexanoic Acid) Offering New
Commercial Opportunities to the Detergents Market
B. A. Zimmermann
How to Get to High Levels of Employee Engagement
LifeScience – Cosmetics – Hair Care, Wash All Over Shampoo, BSC 48-8.2-114
Company News
KOLB Announcement – New CEO, Mr. Uwe Halder
AkzoNobel to Highlight High-Performance Surfactant System for Cleaning Formulations at AOCS
Gold Medal for Fossil Peeling Powder
Sun Protection & Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference Asia
Evonik at in-cosmetics 2015
New Croda Plant for 100% Suistainable Non-Ionic Surfactants
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