Journal Edition sofw journal 12-2020


As consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, the personal care and cosmetics market is seeing a rise in demand for biobased and sustainable products. This article presents four new silicone gum blends developed by Dow that are designed to meet these demands without sacrificing performance within hair care formulas. As the market sees growing demand for products that achieve the same performance associated with silicone gum blends using alternative carriers including bio-processed materials and renewable sources, four new blends are now available, designed to meet this need and built from the same silicone gum as traditional blends using cyclopentasiloxane as a carrier. The four blends provide formulators with a new level of flexibility of variety and criteria, including volatility, manufacturing process and the sustainability profile. The blends also now offer a carrier toolbox approach built around the same dimethiconol gum. Hair care formulations created with these blends can achieve smoothness and conditioning while also reaching modern environmental standards. Combining these blends creates additional options for formulators and allows for fine-tuning for specific sets of desired formulation properties and benefits, beyond the traditional performance of silicone gum blends.

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