Journal Edition sofw journal 1+2-2023


Every day, our skin is exposed to many factors that promote premature skin ageing. Two key factors are also closely related to each other: UV radiation and free radicals. It is known that UV radiation alone is responsible for 80% of the visible signs of facial skin ageing [1]. Therefore, our skin needs a reliable repair and protection system.

Following nature’s example, enzymes are ideal components for such a system, as they offer a highly efficient and long-lasting effect. The active ingredient Glorydermal® GUARD contains a synergistically acting complex consisting mainly of two enzymes: the repair enzyme photolyase, which is derived from microalgae, and an antioxidant enzyme in the form of an iron peptide.
A liposomal encapsulation of the enzymes additionally improves their penetration into the skin.

The repair enzyme photolyase repairs UV-induced DNA damage, the so-called CPDs (Cyclobutane Pyrimidine Dimers), very efficiently and faster than the body’s own repair mechanisms. The antioxidant enzyme neutralises ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) including free radicals long-lasting. Like an enzyme, it is not used up and therefore offers a long-term radical protection. Efficacy studies on human 3D full thickness skin models show the synergistic long-term repair and protection provided by these two enzymes to effectively prevent premature skin ageing.

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