Journal Edition sofw journal 3-2023


One of the primary factors driving the shift and growth of the preservative market is the increasing choice for natural cosmetic products, as well as elevated levels of beauty consciousness among consumers. Natural antimicrobial innovations have continued to progress as customers seek alternatives to synthetic preservatives. Furthermore, the growing popularity of natural cosmetic products has driven preservation to become an integral component of the formulation process, focusing not only on quality but also on functionality. Preservation is no longer seen as the final phase in the formulation process, but rather as a need that may operate as multifunctional and offer cosmetic advantages to formulas. Active Micro Technologies has investigated the antimicrobial ability of the lichen Cladonia rangiferina as a broad-spectrum protection for cosmetic applications with good anionic system compliance. Featuring antioxidant capabilities, this active will also help protect your skin from internal and external stressors that may bring to premature aging. 

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