Journal Edition sofw journal 9-2023


As life expectancy continues to rise, healthy ageing is on everyone’s lips. We strive for eternal youth by maintaining general physical health, wellbeing and the natural functionality of our skin to avoid visible signs of age. A Sisyphean task because we cannot stop the ageing process of our body and skin, but we can positively influence and delay it through preventive strategies. Antioxidants play a very important role to inhibit ageing. The most effective antioxidant is astaxanthin which, due to its biological potential of cell protection, is considered the strongest natural antioxidant. Therefore, it is the perfect choice as anti-ageing ingredient since it acts as a protective shield to reduce environmental stress and skin ageing. Numerous clinical studies have already revealed its positive effects on skin ageing processes due to its unique molecular structure. BDI-BioLife Science can prove the effects of astaxanthin with in-house human clinical studies in the field of cosmetics with its branded active ingredient, an oleoresin with an astaxanthin content of 5%.

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