Journal Edition sofw journal 4-2024


Objective: Humans are influenced and caused illness by various microbes in their lives. Human skin basically serves to protect external stimuli first, and each part has a different role, and the role varies depending on each part of the body. The scalp also belongs to human skin and serves to protect the head from external stimuli. Scalp damage is caused by endogenous factors such as eating habits, heredity, and drinking, and exogenous factors such as ultraviolet rays and seasonal changes. Therefore, in this study, we investigated the microbiome of healthy and problematic scalps to separate useful and harmful bacteria and determined whether the ‘Scalp-Biome’, useful bacteria ferment could be used to restore balance to the scalp microbiota.

Methods: The diameter of the inhibition zone was measured to determine whether there was an inhibitory effect on the growth of harmful bacteria and whether useful bacteria did not affect growth through a disk diffusion test. Clinical evaluation was conducted to scalp dead skin cells and redness on 20 women (average age 52 years) after approval by the Information of Institutional Review Board at the Korea Dermatology Research Institute. 

Results: It was confirmed that ‘Scalp-Biome’ selectively inhibits the proliferation of harmful bacteria through in vitro assay. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that ‘Scalp-Biome’ improved scalp elasticity by 25.74%, decreased redness by 37.62%, decreased dandruff by 17.63%, decreased itching by 47.5%, and increased anti-oxidation of scalp exfoliation by 14.98% compared to placebo. 

Conclusion: ‘Scalp-Biome’ was developed to inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria while nurturing the useful bacteria at the same time – which is different from the chemical material inhibits a broad spectrum of the microbiome, leading to a rebalancing of microbial populations and improving the scalp environment and scalp anti-aging effects. Therefore, ‘Scalp-Biome’ developed with scalp microbiome technology is expected to be a splendid solution to recover scalp health, which will eventually have a positive effect on hair health.

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