Author W. S. Brud, I. Konopacka-Brud
Journal Edition sofw journal 1/2-2019


Words „Natural” and „Organic” are more and more used on labels, advertising, publications, press articles, etc. to describe the special qualities of cosmetic, household and related products as well as ingredients used for their production. This very strong trend, in the last decades, is based on the majority of consumers’ belief that products based on raw materials of natural origin are better and safer than those derived from chemical synthesis, especially those based on petrochemicals. The main problem in this issue is that neither of the two terms is precisely defined, especially in relation to products of the cosmetic and household industry. “Natural cosmetic” may mean anything what creative marketing can imagine. Although there are some works performed to clarify these doubts, the economy behind production and certification of this group of products does not support the idea. This, however, creates a very ambiguous situation on the market and which is more important in legislation both internally created by the industry and officially issued by governments and international bodies.

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