Journal Edition sofw journal 3-2024


Fragrances play a vital role in daily life, particularly in products like body wash. Achieving a consistent fragrance performance across different formulations within a product line can be challenging due to matrix effects. In our study, we induced stress and boredom in participants, then had them use three scented formulations: liquid shower, liquid bath, and solid bath. Questionnaire data show that the scents were consistently perceived as intense, pleasant, and familiar, successfully stimulating the olfactory system to achieve an invigorating as well as a relaxing effect. The emotional effects were consistent across formulation types, with the tested scent not only significantly reducing boredom but also significantly relieving stress. Overall, our study demonstrates the positive psychological impact of scented formulations on different aspects of mood and well-being, across different formulation types. The methods employed represent a valuable procedure to test and substantiate cosmetic product efficacy and claims.

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