Personal Care: SkinNEWvation

Personal Care: SkinNEWvation

This SOFW eVENT is a small, themed digital eVENT for the personal care industry. It aims to connect participants and companies and to achieve the possible and highest quality output and contact between buyers, sellers and peers.


eVENT focus

Personal Care: SkinNEWvation

  • Microbiome friendly & probiotic cosmetics
  • Facial care
  • Skin cleansing, soaps & hand disinfection
  • Moisturising care
  • Skin analysis


Keynote lectures

"The hair follicle as a major penetration route for topically applied active ingredients" by Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Lademann, Charité

"How does an active ingredient progress from the cream into the skin? A keynote lecture on the new understanding of the mechanisms of dermal active ingredient penetration." by Prof. Dr. Cornelia Keck, University Marburg

"EPR application to monitor cutaneous penetration of actives" by Prof. Dr. Martina Meinke, Charité

"Raman microspectroscopy for the analysis of the transport of topically applied substances in the skin." by Dr. Maxim Darvin, Charité

"smartLipids - carriers for barrier protection and improved active ingredient transport" by Dr. Sabilla Digel, Charité

"smartCrystals - innovative vehicles for poorly soluble molecules" by Dr. Christian Rimpler, Charité

"New Retinol Alternative: Screening approach utilizing next generation sequencing" by Dr. Maria Reichenbach, Symrise


Sponsors and their presentations

"Supporting the skin microbiome for a healthy balanced skin" by Léa Schmidt, Global Product Manager

woresan GmbH



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