Essential oils are being extracted from plants and seeds. Among the very well established and valuable essential oils is for sure the Rose Oil, which is the distillation product of harvested Roses.

The harvest of the Rose itself has a special rule and ceremony in order to ensure maximum output in yield and quality. For that reason harvesting is preferably done during early morning hours. Roses must be placed in a bucket of water inside the polyhouse immediately after harvesting and transported to cold storage (2-4 °C). The length of time depends upon the variety and quality of the roses. The flowers are graded according to the length.

The Rose harvest starts in May and goes till early fall, but mostly till mid June. The Roses are often considered to be at their best in June, which is why roses are considered June’s birth flower.

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Beside the modern process of water steam distillation there has been a ceremony of traditional distillation throughout the world, that had its starting point 2500 years ago in Persia, each year starting in May. You can find this nowadays in lots of cities around the world. What makes Iran unique is that the festival is not only a Rose Festival, but a Rose Water (Gulãb) festival.

Rose water is beside Rose Oil made from a very sweet smelling kind of rose called Damask rose, which is among the most important Roses and famous plants in the world. Being historically well-known for growing Damask Roses, Kashan and Meymand are the most famous cities.

In the traditional method, harvested flowers are placed in copper pots with added water and then sent to an oven made of brick and cement or stones and mud. Then a strong fire is kindled, and while water boils, rosewater steam is released with essential oils, which condenses and flows through aluminum pipes into a special container. The entire distillation process takes about 4 hours, and as a result they get 40 liters of rosewater out of 30 kg of flowers.

Adler International GmbH has already started to receive orders for the upcoming harvest 2022 (May – June).

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