Phenomena like urban gardening show that big city dwellers are increasingly yearning for a deeper connection with nature. Sparking Energy, a new trend concept by Düllberg Konzentra, meets this deep-seated longing.

In our everyday lives we are more distanced from nature than ever before. This alienation can be a source of great loneliness, and it sparks a longing for a different life. Changing this doesn’t always require a complete transformation; sometimes, all it takes is to create a niche where we can be close to nature.

One such niche is urban gardening. The urban garden can be a balcony, a segment of tree trunk or a large community garden. Seeing plants one has nurtured flourish creates a sense of belonging and helps to alleviate stress. Many gardening activities have an almost meditative character, particularly if they are combined with a mini digital detox.

“But a walk in the park is also a great way of connecting with nature and absorbing some of its energy, as many people discovered during the pandemic”, explains Lisa-Marie Achilles, Düllberg Konzentra. This soothing and calming effect has been scientifically backed up: researchers at Stanford University discovered that taking a stroll in green surroundings can help to lift the spirits, make us happier, soothe our fears and can also have a positive impact on memory function.

The Hamburg-based fragrance house wants to help people connect with nature by inviting the outside into their homes with Sparkling Energy, a collection of energy-laden fragrance ideas for all-purpose and floor cleaning products: Citrus Breeze and Wild Citrus refresh the senses, Red River and Dry Earth conjure up the smell of fire and earth, Deep Forest and Green Woods touch the senses with the essential oils of the forest, and Sea Minerals and Atlantic Ocean take us to the seaside. This nurturing bond with nature is reflected in the colour scheme designed for the trend concept.


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