The SEPAWA® CONGRESS is jointly organized by SEPAWA® e.V., the German Society of Scientific and Applied Cosmetics (DGK e.V.) and the Division of Detergent Chemistry of the German Chemical Society (GDCh).
The SEPAWA® CONGRESS comprises the European Detergents Conference, the Cosmetic Science Conference and the DGP Conference.
We would like to invite you to submit your scientific lectures for the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021.
The topics are:
  • Fundamental Research (EDC): "Polymers and Surfactants in Detergents and Cleaning Agents – Effects, Benefits, and Applications"
  • Fragrance (SEPAWA®/DGP): "The Influence of the Corona Pandemic on Consumer Products and their Fragrances" 
  • Home Care (SEPAWA®): "Sustainable Innovations for Detergents and Cleaners”
  • Sustainability (SEPAWA®/LUV): "Sustainability and Legal Requirements in a World of Change"
  • Personal Care (CSC): "Mindful Cosmetics"

Please note:
Only submissions coming through the conference management system will be accepted.

Closing date: 23 March 2021
Announcement of results: 28 May 2021

Abstract Guidelines Lectures and Poster
  • Focus: Scientific topic with the aspect of research. No stating of company or brand name
  • Innovative and application-oriented findings and information
  • Abstract: Title max.15 words/ text max. 300 words (per language GER/ENG)
  • Authors: Complete company/university details and name
  • Duration lecture incl. discussion: 30 min.
  • Lecture language: English
  • Poster language: English

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