1. Sustainable is the new clean. Consumers are developing a better understanding of how their personal care habits can impact the environment – especially our waterways. Biodegradable ingredients break down to water, CO2 and organic matter within six months.
  2. Help maintain skin health. Another cleansing trend going mainstream is a better appreciation for managing stress and skin health. Goodbye harsh surfactants that can dry out skin. Say hello to gentler, calming ingredient that keep moisture in without upsetting skin’s pH and acid mantle.
  3. Have fun with innovative textures. Suspend exfoliating scrubbers or beads. Go luxuriously thick or water-thin or even waterless. New powders, bars, gels and jellies add life to the daily routine.

3 Nature-Powered Ingredients to Help

ARBALON® Cellulose Liquid

Our biodegradable, fermentation-derived stabilizer has a unique cellulose structure that forms an invisible 3D net to evenly suspend scrubbers, decorative or fragrance beads and more. Effective in high-surfactant or low/no water formulations. Ready to use and fully activated.

KELTROL® Xanthan Gum

This versatile, fermentation-derived ingredient is known for its unique smooth flow behavior, silky feel and even texture. It provides high viscosity at low shear rates for foams, suspensions and emulsion stability. It also provides low viscosity at high shear for pumpability.  Plus, you get exceptional stability and thickening characteristics for a wide range of products.

GENU® Carrageenan

A multifunctional water-binding agent, this ingredient provides a creamy texture to emulsions and a honey-like flow as it locks in moisture to increase hydration. It can be used to replace synthetics in shampoos and other products.

Our Nature-Powered Ingredient Portfolio

Made by precision bio-fermentation and optimized extraction from citrus fruits or seaweed. Ask us about our readily biodegradable, vegan, non-GMO, NATRUE, ECOCERT and COSMOS® certified grades.

Carrageenan – Extracted from red seaweed

Gellan gum – Bio-fermentation of Sphingomonas elodea, found on lily pond plants

Xanthan gum – Bio-fermentation of Xanthomonas campestris, found on cabbage

Fermentation-derived cellulose – Bio-fermentation of Komagataeibacter xylinus, similar to nata de coco

Pectin – Upcycled from citrus peels, a byproduct of the juice industry

Diutan gum – Discovered in a marsh of redwood trees near Eureka, California, we use bio-fermentation of Sphingomonas sp. ATCC 51539 rather than harvest

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About CP Kelco

CP Kelco is a nature-based ingredient solutions company with 90 years of experience working with manufacturers worldwide. We apply ingredient innovation and problem solving to customize personal care, oral care and home care solutions that leverage our regional insights and address consumer needs and preferences. Our unique portfolio of plant-based and fermentation-derived ingredients is sustainably produced and supported by our global team of scientists and applications experts who are ready to collaborate with you on good-for-the planet formulations.

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