Since 2017, ROELMI HPC has been dedicated to enhancing innovation in the Health Personal Care Market with fully sustainable resources, processes and experiences. On its fifth birthday, the company is embarking on a new stage in its evolution, starting with branding and reflected in the development and growth of the online presence. 

The corporate philosophy perfectly aligns with the look and feel of the new website wholly redesigned to a contemporary aesthetic whose elegant simplicity reflects and summarizes the brand’s business approach which has been remodel to be more client-friendly. In particular, the upgraded ingredients category is highly intuitive and allows visitors a better selection to customize all the business needs.

The company’s intent is answering to a community that is increasingly open to the avant-garde vision of sustainability-oriented innovations and circular economy, asking for a 2.0 experience to fit every personalization.

Features include:

  • A new product finder for cosmetic and nutraceutical ingredient portfolios
  • A renewed news section
  • A formulation finder for personal care prototypes
  • A blog investigating the major market trends

Global health & personal care brands and manufacturers will have access to suitable products and formulations information tested, verified, and certified, as well as those that can transform an idea into a product ready to be marketed.

A new ROELMI HPC, forward-thinking in its DNA, and now more than ever, aimed at setting the new trends, plus a little something extra: Care for the environment and the future of everyone.

Take a tour of our website and explore a world of possibilities.

ROELMI HPC is the partner company to drive innovation in the Health & Personal Care markets. Our business deals with research, development and design of functional and active ingredients. We support the customers in the formulation, production and marketing for the health, beauty and medical devices markets. Our forefront formulations respect the principles of sustainability through the preservation of biodiversity and the use of renewable resources.

ROELMI HPC, +39 02 3351 0150

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