As recently announced, Hamburg-based Cosphatec GmbH has opened a subsidiary in France. The business of Cosphatec SAS Paris will be managed by Yassine Ibn Slimane. 

Born and raised in Paris, the sales professional already has more than a decade of experience in the industry. After graduating in chemistry, he went on to obtain a "Licence de Cosmetology" at the renowned ISIPCA School in Versailles. In addition, he earned a business degree from Business School Sup, specialising in the cosmetics and perfume industry. 

Yassine Ibn Slimane started his career as a formulator at Yves Saint Laurent, where he acquired lot of technical knowledge in cosmetic formulation. With many years of experience as a technical sales consultant in French companies, he was eventually appointed Sales Manager for the EMEA region. With his role as Managing Director of the subsidiary of the Hamburg-based specialist for natural raw materials, he now leads Cosphatec's direct sales for one of the company's core markets. 

The newly founded Cosphatec SAS Paris is now the first contact for all French customers when it comes to natural raw materials. From the Paris office, customers can expect intensive advice tailored to their needs, as well as other services around the best solution for their formulations. Existing and new customers can thus contact Cosphatec directly for all questions without having to go through other trading partners. 

Nature as a guide 

Cosphatec strives to replace all synthetic or questionable cosmetic ingredients with natural alternatives. The industry expert uses biodegradable raw materials that come from sustainable and natural sources. These are tested according to the highest German quality standards to guarantee the best possible effect on the skin. All raw materials are vegan and GMO-free. In addition, the core products are COSMOS compliant and the palm oil used meets RSPO standards.

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