The Upcycled Beauty Company and their distribution partner in France, Comercial Quimica Massó S.A., are pleased to announce a collaborative networking opportunity at In-Cosmetics Global 2024. This event will showcase upcycled ingredients, brands and packaging highlighted in the 2024 Zero-Waste Beauty Report, providing attendees with a hands-on experience of the latest innovations in upcycling and zero-waste. 

Join the two teams, on Stand E180 on Wednesday 17th April at 4:00 pm, to explore the zero-waste beauty movement. This community event aims to foster connections between formulators and upcycled ingredient suppliers, as well as brands and sustainable packaging manufacturers. Attendees will have the chance to engage with upcycled beauty thought leaders, gain insights, and contribute to the growth of the upcycled cosmetic economy through collaborative knowledge sharing. 

All interested individuals are invited to this informal happy hour to promote circular innovation and community within the cosmetic industry. 

Event Details: 

Date: Wednesday 17th April 2024 

Time: 4:00 pm 

Location: In-Cosmetics Global, Paris, Stand E180 (Comercial Quimica Massó S.A) 

Download the 2024 Zero Waste Beauty Report 

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