The IFSCC is introducing a new webinar series that can be accessed globally by the its 16,000+ individual members (ie anyone who is a member of a scientific society that is a member of the IFSCC). The webinars will feature experts from around the globe, kicking off this Wednesday 29 April with Tony O'Lenick on Minimally Disruptive Formulation for Skin Care. Registration is required for each webinar.

The first few webinars are listed here but anyone interested should check regularly for future dates.

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1) Tony O’Lenick, Wednesday 29 April, from the USA

Minimally Disruptive Formulation for Skin-Care (click link to register)

  • Times: 7h West Coast USA = 9h Mexico City = 10h NYC = 15h London = 16h Europe = 22h Hong Kong


  • Small “tweeks” can yield big changes
  • What’s Minimally Disruptive Formulation (MDF)?
  • Why MDF?
  • Factors to consider
  • Examples of MDF

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2) Dr. Karl Lintner, Wednesday 13 May, from France

Peptides in Cosmetics

  • Times:  7h West Coast USA = 9h Mexico City = 10h NYC = 15h London = 16h Europe = 22h Hong Kong


    • Peptide Basics
    • Biological Function
    • Use in Cosmetics
    • Skin Penetration
    • Safety and Regulatory aspects

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3) Dr. Daya Nayan, Wednesday 27 May, from the USA

The Skin Barrier, Viral and Bacterial Infections 

  • Times: 7h West Coast USA = 9h Mexico City = 10h NYC = 15h London = 16h Europe = 22h Hong Kong


    • Physical barrier of the skin
    • Non-physical barrier of the skin
    • Compromised barrier
    • Microbial pathogenicity
    • Insights into skin viral infections
    • Summary

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4) Mr. John Staton, Wednesday, 10 June, from Australia

Changes to ISO Sunscreen Standards

  • Times: HK/Singapore = 10h Seoul/Tokyo = 11h Sydney = 18h West Coast USA = 21h New York


    • Why update the ISO Sunscreen Standards?
    • What the New Standard Means to You.
    • Compatibility of ISO and FDA tests.

About The IFSCC
Founded in 1959 by 7 societies of cosmetic science, the IFSCC has grown to 48 Member Societies in 74 Countries representing more than 16,000 individual scientists. Its mission is to support the global community of cosmetic scientists through the dissemination of scientific findings, educational offerings and an annual scientific Congress or Conference at which IFSCC awards and prizes are presented. 
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