LIFTONIN®-QI is a water-based extract from the fungus Ganoderma lucidum obtained from sustainable cultivation. This king of medical mushrooms, also known as "lingzhi", has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It protects the skin from epigenetic stress to promote a youthful and relaxed skin appearance. 

Epigenetic markers are DNA programming patterns that switch genes on or off. They determine the activities of our cells. A negative impact on our skin can be caused by the fact that as we grow older, more and more of the genes that determine the skin’s youthful appearance are switched off because of incorrect programming. This epigenetic stress accelerates skin ageing. LIFTONIN®-QI reactivates the skin’s rejuvenation program by resetting the epigenetic clock. 

In-vitro studies have revealed that the underlying mechanism is based on the maintenance of the epigenetic programming of skin cells. LIFTONIN®-QI protects the DNA of epidermal progenitor cells against methylation-related stress. It facilitates the full recovery of an intact skin barrier and reduces epigenetically induced inflammatory reactions. 

Clinical studies have shown that LIFTONIN®-QI has superior lifting effects and generates a more positive facial expression. LIFTONIN®-QI strengthens the dermis as well as the epidermis, increases skin elasticity and improves the overall appearance of the skin. 

We are very pleased to announce that LIFTONIN®-QI received one of the coveted BSB Awards in the category "most innovative raw material" (2. Prize). 

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Our cosmetics business unit already has over 55 years of international experience in handling speciality and auxiliary materials used by the cosmetics industry. Constructive and long-term cooperation with selected suppliers coupled with the design of our own-brand RAHN-Cosmetic Actives have resulted in the creation of a contemporary and high quality product portfolio.

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