Did you know that the first living cells emerged in a marine world?

There is a special link between our cells and marine active ingredients ! It is particularly noticeable through marine cosmetics, which are, nowadays, more and more seen as a real beauty trend thanks to marine active ingredients entering in the composition of cosmetics. In fact, marine seaweeds have great similarities with our skin, and have also the feature to develop elaborated defense mechanisms that can be reused for skin’s well-being ! Answering to the actual consumer looking for more naturality, these “blue biotechnologies” are a source of inspiration.   

In perfect harmony with the marine ecosystem, ​​​​our brand wesource™ develops active ingredients inspired by nature thanks to eco-designed extractions and innovative technologies!


Eco-designed extraction by Biotechmarine, located close to the Bréhat  Archipelago, also called “the Underwater Amazonia” in Brittany. 
  • Respect of the natural biodiversity, engaged work with local partners.
  • Valorization of the defense mechanisms of seaweeds.
  • Possibility to have hydrophilic & lipophilicactive ingredients available with vegetable and sustainable solvents. 

→​​​​ ASPAR’AGE™ reduces contagious ageing process >> More information... 

ANTILEUKINE™ 6 is a global defense active ingredient acting against photo-aging >> More information... 



Cultivation of selected microscopic macroalgaes at a specific stage in bioreactors and isolation of specific species.

  • Unique algal biomass
  • Access to an unexplored biodiversity
  • Sustainability: only 1 sample extracted in the nature allows the production of biomass

→ EPHEMER™ has an anti-oxidant action ​​​​​>> More information... 

→ CONTACTICEL™ protects oily skins from pollution >> More information... 


Vegetal cells having the ability to either differentiate themselves in all types of cells or self-renew at an undifferentiated stage.

→ CELTOSOME™ CRITHMUM MARITIMUM improves skin radiance >> More information...

→ CELTOSOME™ ERYNGIUM MARITIMUM improves skin firmness >> More information...

Seppic in brief
A company of Air Liquide Healthcare, Seppic has been designing, producing and distributing for more than 75 years a wide range of specialty ingredients for health and beauty. Present in 100 countries through its subsidiaries and its network of distributors, Seppic employs more than 800 people worldwide, including 110 employees dedicated to innovation. www.seppic.com

Air LiquideAir Liquide Healthcare
Supplies medical gases, home healthcare services, medical equipment and specialty ingredients.
In 2020, it served over 15,000 hospitals and clinics and more than 1.8 million patients at home throughout the world. The Group’s Healthcare business reached €3,724 million in revenues in 2020, with the support of its 15,600 employees.

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